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Youth Birding Week With the Port Of Baltimore 

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The Port of Baltimore invites your child to spend a week this summer exploring wildlife in Maryland, from around Baltimore to islands in the Chesapeake Bay. The Port of Baltimore has restored over 2,800 acres of habitat. With the help of local birding experts, participants will visit some of these restored lands. They will learn the skills needed to become a birder by traveling, playing, and exploring some if the best birding spots in Maryland with other kids from the community. Hike, build art projects, and take boat rides while getting up close with some of Maryland's most unique birds and the people who know them best.

Dates and Ages:

  • June 24th-28th

    • Ages 8-11 years old 

  • July 8th -12th

    • Ages 12-16 years old 

Weeks are divided by their age. Kids will be placed in the week corresponding with age. 



  • 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.

    • Drop-off and pick-up will be at Masonville Cove each day. (1000 Frankfurst Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226). Even on days of travel, times and location of drop off and pick up remain the same.

    • Families are invited to join for an end of week celebration on Friday starting at noon, you can come see what the kids have been learning about all week. Friday will include and pizza party for both participants and families.

    • Friday will be a short day 8:30-2pm. 


Where is Birding Week?

  • Each day will begin at Masonville Cove. Two or three of the five days of Youth Birding Week will include travel (travel is dependent on weather). Trips to Cox Creek, Hart-Miller Island and Poplar Island are included. Trips to Poplar Island and Hart-MIller Island will include a boat ride. 


What is included in Birding Week:

  • Birding Week is FREE to all participants.

  • Each child will receive a birding toolkit which will include a birding field guide and binoculars. These tools are for your child to keep even after the program has ended. 

  • Daily lunch will be provided, as well as water, juice, and snacks during the day. 


What is Birding Week?

  • Youth will experience a 5-day immersive and hands-on birding program led by local birding experts. Participants will use citizen science tools to identify and catalog bird species by taking field trips to some of the best birding locations in Maryland.  Participants will learn about local bird populations, their habitats, and ways that habitat can be restored to support bird survival. Participants do not need any prior knowledge of birding to participate in this program, only a love of nature! 


How to apply

  • Fill out the Google form below. This application is not a guarantee of participation in the program. If you are selected, you will receive an email. If you have any questions about the application process or program, please contact Emily Sperling -

Youth Birding Week is sponsored by:

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