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an island

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topic area:
ecosystem restoration

grade level:
1st - 6th


In this lesson, students will learn about the Poplar Island Ecosystem and  Restoration Project and “restore” an island of their own using natural materials.

lesson details:

The Port of Baltimore brings financial prosperity to the state of Maryland and provides many jobs for residents. In order to keep the Port open for business, shipping channels must be kept deep enough so large ships that typically travel in the ocean can safely reach Baltimore.


Placement sites are used to contain the sediment dredged from these channels and are sometimes beneficially used to restore and support habitat.


An example is the Poplar Island Ecosystem Restoration Project which uses the sediment to restore remote island habitat within the Chesapeake Bay! This habitat attracts a wide array of animals which benefit from the protection provided by the island’s remote location away from mainland predators. 

Join your students in building a model island and learn some of the science behind habitat restoration that improves the lives of animals throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

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