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topic area:
habitat restoration

grade level:
2nd - 8th


In this lesson, students will learn about the history of the Port of Baltimore's sites and dredging through the perspective of animals living there. Students will learn through a theatrical lens.

lesson details:

Eco-theater is an approach to creating art that focuses on climate and environmental justice in what the piece is about, the way it’s created, and how it’s performed. This means creating shows about the environment, like how the Port of Baltimore's sites came to be and doing that in a sustainable way. Theater is often harmful for the environment, eco-theater uses materials that we already have, like from nature, to create the shows. These materials can be used as set-pieces, costumes, and more.

Eco-Theater allows students to learn complex environmental topics through an artistic lens. In this lesson, students have the opportunity to learn the history of the Port of Baltimore's sites by going back in time and telling these stories themselves.

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