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Diamondback Terrapins, Malaclemys terrapin

Diamondback terrapins are a type of turtles found along the East cost of the United States. They are aquatic turtles that live in shallow costal salt marshes. They use sandy beaches to lay their eggs in the fall. Diamondback terrapins get  their name from the raised ridge on the back of their shell that create diamond pattern. Since 2007 Diamondback terrapins have been a protected species in Mayland.  


Adults Grow to be 4-11 inches long! 

Females grow larger than males. 

A fully grown female is about the size of a football 


Teripins are primarily carnivores. They like things with hard shells snails, clams and mussels. They will also eat small fish and crabs.  

Life Span 

Terrapins reach maturity at five to seven years old. They can live to be 40 years old ! 


They can verry in color and from they have dark sports and can range from black to pale grey 


Diamondback terrapins became the Maryland state reptile in 1994

Terrapins eggs are pink when first laied

All terrapins shells are unique. No two are the same 


Diamondback terrapins live in estuaries. with mixture of salt and fresh water. they are aquatic turtles on saltwater marshes to find food and a place to lay their eggs.   


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Poplar Island 

Island habitat is important because. ... 

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Adaptations( One in each box ) 


Their large webbed feet and muscular legs make terrapins strong swimmers, which helps them survive in environments with daily tidal changes and strong currents


Webbed Feet 



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