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hot commodities

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topic area:
ecosystem restoration

grade level:
5th - 8th



In this lesson, students will learn about everyday items that are top imports at the Port of Baltimore and how the international trade of these items help to habitat.

lesson details:

The Port of Baltimore is ranked in the top ten largest ports in the United States of America. Each year, more than 2,000 cargo vessels and cruise ships enter and leave the POB, moving over 40 million tons of cargo and generating more than $2 billion in revenue. Asia is the POB’s largest market. Approximately 19 million tons of cargo was exported to Asia in 2018, consisting of mostly raw materials such as coal, lumber, and waste paper. Countries importing coal from the POB include India, Japan, and South Korea. The largest imports from Asia to the POB include consumer goods such as furniture, construction equipment, and automobiles. Europe continues to be the POB’s largest trading partner. Imports and exports to and from Europe tend to be balanced. POB imports aluminum from the Middle East and exports automobiles. The POB exports previously owned vehicles to Africa and imports new BMW automobiles. Salt, tissue-making pulp, coffee, sugar, and automobiles are imported from both Central America and South America. The POB is the top ranked 106 automobile port in the United States. It is also the top ranked port for roll on/roll off (RO/RO) cargo imports in the United States, which includes construction and agriculture machinery.

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