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Topic Area:
exploring nature 

Discover the Port of Baltimore mitigation sites with a geocaching scavenger hunt. You can use hand held GPS units or your smart phone with the Geocaching app.

Grade level:
6th - 12th

Lesson Details:

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity for all ages. Individuals explore new environments throughout the world while searching for “geocaches” or “caches”. Inside some geocaches, there are a variety of small objects and a log where you can find out who also found the box. Participants have the option to take one of the small items and replace it with one of their own objects to leave for someone else to find. In order to find the geocache, one enters its geographical coordinate into a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. Download the free geocaching app and search for geocaches around you on a map! You can find geocaches at Masonville Cove, Hart Miller Island, and even Poplar Island. 

Reading Map
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