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fun with forestry

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In this lesson, students will learn about the Port of Baltimore’s forestry mitigation projects and its impacts. Students will learn through a hands-on way and will learn how to measure and identify trees, becoming the scientist for the day.

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This lesson begins by going over environmental topics including the Port of Balitmore, dredging, Masonville Cove, and Masonville Cove's mitigation projects. After this, students will learn how to identify trees. This includes learning the difference between simple and compound leaves, and alternate and opposite branching. Next, students will learn how to measure trees, an important part of assessing the carbon storage of trees. After learning each of these skills, students will get to become scientists by going outside and identifying and measuring trees for themselves.


If the weather or location does not permit for outdoor time, this lesson can be adjusted to be hed completely indoors.

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