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topic area:
ecosystem restoration

grade level:
K - 3rd


In this lesson, students will learn about the history of Poplar Island and how dredging is an effective solution to habitat loss caused by erosion. This lesson includes samples of the Education Team's felt boards used in classroom lessons and field tours, and can be adapted with materials at home. Reach out to us below if you would like to schedule a tour with us or a visit to your school! 

lesson details:

The Port of Baltimore is important to the state of Maryland because it brings financial prosperity to the state and provides many jobs for Maryland residents. In order to keep the Port open for business, shipping channels must be deep enough to maintain safe passage for cargo ships with 50-foot drafts.

Maintenance dredging is performed every year and the sediment that is dredged is tested and put into placement sites, which are often used to support and construct habitat restoration projects.


A wide variety of animals are found in environmental sites like Poplar Island, a world leader in the innovative use of dredged material for habitat restoration! Some of the wildlife there include Diamondback Terrapins, Terns and birds of the Chesapeake, and many migratory birds.  

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